NCR Studio

Anyone can shoot a picture when everyone’s sitting and posing for the camera. Why use only such common wedding photography?

Your wedding day is the climax of months and months of endless preparations and excitement. It is a day that is preceded by anticipation and followed by nostalgia. After this day, you will look back and realize the need to commemorate it, to remember its details as vividly as possible. Only exceptional wedding photography can make that possible. So use our wedding photojournalistic event coverage. Our creative wedding photographers will come to your wedding and keep on shooting pictures without telling people to say cheese.

The natural and candid wedding photography will add a color to your wedding album that you’ve never seen before. The Bride/Groom getting ready, house getting decorated, children running around, singing & dancing, arrival of Baraat, Bidai…the truly intimate and emotional moments happen when people are not posing. We are as passionate about your big day as you are and we become part of your happiness in a way that increases your happiness.

The wedding photojournalistic style lets us capture such lively, colorful & emotional moments that every picture will tell a story that will make you laugh and cry with happiness for years to come…

When you see the photographs, you will think they are shots from a Yash Chopra film!

Our wedding photojournalistic style of event coverage can by used for any type of event; be it wedding, engagement party or any other important event. We don’t just take photos; we take your memories…and hand them back to you in the best packaging! We take your most cherished memories and preserve them in a ways you will never forget!