NCR Studio

Perfect Portrait Photography Whether you need us to shoot your wedding portrait, family portraits or baby photography, we will create the finest portraits you have ever seen.

Wedding Portrait Your wedding day is an exceptional time of your life . For the bride & groom this is the best time to lock this special instance eternally into photographs.

Family Photos In today’s fast and busy life, families seldom get together. It is truly a rare occasion when a family and/or extended families get under one roof. When such an occasion does come by, you cannot let it go by without a professional group photo session. So we help you to capture such a family moment.

Baby Photography If you have been blessed with a baby, you must know that such an unmatchable feeling is really precious. First off, we congratulate you on bringing such a wonderful and beautiful life into this world. Like all proud parents, you would want these magical moments to freeze in time. The NCR Studio will helps you do that! Our skilled and friendly photographers capture your baby’s precious first weeks, months and years in this world.

Personal Portraits We also do personal portraits if you just feel like doing one without any occasion! Our creative photographers discuss with you exactly what you want your portrait to say when it is hanging majestically on your wall.

Whatever and whichever kind of portrait photography you need, we will deliver the best.