NCR Studio

The NCR Studio has the best fashion photographers that do the coolest fashion shoots in India. They are not only masters at the art of photography, but also well versed in the latest fashion trends of the country. This enables them to do the most fantastic fashion photography you can feast your eyes on.

We can conduct the fashion shoots in a multitude of locations to suit your requirements. The NCR Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to do a highly stylized shoot in house. Also at our disposal we have various backdrops and props to jazz up the shoots. We also have the latest portable photography equipment so we can take your shoot outdoors. Hence, we are able to provide well rounded and diverse fashion shoots.

Obviously the theme, nature and purpose of your shoot will decide what kind of combination of excellence in style we use. NCR Studio’s photographers are well equipped, well trained and highly creative to satisfy even bizarre requirements of the highly evolving Indian fashion. Whatever the arrangement, the end result is always the same – phenomenal fashion photography.

Whether you are a model, a modeling agency or advertising agency, NCR Studio will carry out your fashion shoots that will blow the viewers away. The photographers are not just great behind the camera, they are also great beside your creative input. They are intelligent collaborators who can work with you to produce stunning fashion photos.