NCR Studio

NCR Studio are masters at creating colorful pictures that celebrate your joyous occasions. However, black and white photography has its own charm. There are some emotions and instances that are best commemorated by black and white photography. The good news is that we are masters at this kind of photography too!

Not all special moments need to be sharply colorized. Shooting them in black and white gives them a soft touch. If done properly, they have a depth in them that makes them profoundly moving. We do it so well that our black and white pictures give a timeless sense to whatever occasion or event you want us to cover. So whether it’s wedding photography, birthday photography, baby pictures or portraits, we cover it all beautifully.

This makes us quite rare and distinct because such photography presents many challenges to the color-familiar crew of today. Most photographers just depend on their high tech equipment to capture the vibrancy of our rich culture to create impressive Indian wedding photography.

Black and white photography is not just ‘graying out’ the pictures during editing; it has a whole different art to it. As such it makes us very uniquely capable of delivering profound black and white photography that adds depth to your emotional moments and creates timeless relics.