NCR Studio

Welcome to our Story Telling Cinematic Shoot, with our storytelling approach to wedding photography our focus is now on the overall experience of the day. This is the one reasons why we do not put time limits on our photography. We want you romantic wedding story to be complete, never missing a moment. We want to create a wonderful and fun experience for the bride and groom, along with your friends and family making the process of wedding photography fun, interactive, natural and engaging. We want you to look back at your wedding day and see not just the beauty of the day but how much of an amazing time you had.

This relaxed approach takes out any awkwardness of "posed" pictures and put the real you in front of the camera. Letting life happen and being there to capture the wonderful reality of the day is what we do. These are more than static images, you will see images that have flow and sequences, images that show motion, direction and life. Often times, we will create some experiences to help enhance the day. This experience is what makes it fun and engaging for everyone and often looked back as one of the most memorable parts of the day.